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Celestial Teapot is a four piece Instrumental Rock outfit from Pune, India comprising Kartikeya Dixit, Nishant Karve, Tushar Verma and Ashwin Naidu.

Their debut album 'One Big Sky' is now ready for release and ready to touch your ears and within. The concept behind the name being, our world is unified and harmonized by the sky above us as it knows no boundaries and is at the same time a symbol of endless possibilities. Unbiased, it keeps everything beneath it under it's wings.

CT believes in creating imagery with their soundscapes and allows you to build stories around them. They love silence as they believe in letting the sound breathe. If you love letting your emotions sway in the ambience you hear around you, 'One Big Sky' will make your emotions sing.

about the band

Celestial Teapot is a four piece Instrumental Progressive Rock outfit from Pune comprising Kartikeya Dixit, Nishant Karve, Visit the Celestial Teapot page

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