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Spawning all the way from Bombay (India), the debut album, "One Last Monsoon," was written & performed by songwriter David Abraham, and primarily recorded in his bedroom - an apt environment for an album, which essentially sounds like a love letter to the Indie & Alternative genres, as well as the artists/bands that allow these genres to thrive.
A few that come to mind: the Stills, Matt Pond, Swervedriver, Toadies. "One Last Monsoon," in many ways, pays tribute to these artists, but at the same time breathes new life into the Indie genre. 'One Last Monsoon' is for all intent and purposes a mixed tape for the Indie music fan; a goodie bag in which the listener is rewarded each time they choose to reach in for something familiar but new.
Tracks from "One Last Monsoon" have already gained airplay in the U.S., U.K., France, Sweden, Australia, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Switzerland, Canada, Scotland, Denmark (and more!). After receiving numerous requests to tour internationally, in June of 2012, the Koniac Net transformed from a one-man-project to a 5-piece band.
about the band
The Koniac Net are an indie, alternative, hard rock band from Bombay, India. They have been compared to the Stills, Smashing Pumpkins, Toadies, Death Cab For Cutie, Matt Pond PA, Marcy Playground, Helmet & the Deftones.
Songs from both, their album...

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