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Music Written by: Dhruv Visvanath
Lyrics by: Dhruv Visvanath
Produced by: Dhruv Visvanath, Viraj Mohan, Keshav Dhar
Mixed by: Keshav Dhar
Mastered by: Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios UK
Vocal, Guitar, Bass tracking: Viraj Mohan
Drum Tracking: Anindo Bose, Plug’n’Play Studios
Vocals: Dhruv Visvanath
Acoustic Guitar: Dhruv Visvanath
Electric Guitar Arrangements: Ashwin Nayar
Bass Arrangements: Amar Pandey
Drum Arrangements: Ishaan Gandhi
Album Artwork : Prashast Thapan
Dhruv Visvanath’s Manager: Tanu Dogra
Album Label: V.L.T. (Vishal Likes This) Records by Vishal Dadlani
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