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Pakshee, in its essence, represents freedom of expression, diverse sonic experiments with equal infusion of classical and modern musical styles. The fabric of Pakshee’s sound involves ever-evolving soundscapes, across influences of Soul, a dash of Electronic and reverberating World Music. With each of its members bringing an inimitable contribution to their sound, Pakshee is an amalgamation of 6 individuals sonically coming together. Their upcoming album is a snapshot of their growth as musicians, progressing and evolving over the past 3 years into an amalgamation of auditory vibrations. With each song as varied and unique as their previous releases, the overarching texture of the sound paints a sonically immersive atmosphere. Their album represents the idea of a thought process that originates out of the need for something new, before encapsulating and blending into a surreal experience, binding stark tones of reality with disciplined fantasia.

about the band

Pakshee is six piece world music outfit based out of New Delhi. The band came together with a vision to connect diverse tastes in music ranging from Jazz, Funk, Pop, Rock and to create a concoc...

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