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The athletes are ready. The arena is ready. And the most vital Adrenaline & Dopamine source – the MUSIC to enthuse the PARTICIPANTS to TRIUMPH - is also ready!
Presenting PALASO ANTHEM – ‘Win Palaso’ – the HEARTSONG for thousands of PALAVA residents taking part in the annual sporting extravaganza PALASO-2018.  
Composed by Chaitanya Bulusu (Layer Music Project) – with Ganesh Lingam on Vocals a.k.a Guns. 
The track is a CHEERY, vivacious, ENERGETIC, bright and breezy rendition of zillions of EMOTIONS which go in the mind of an ATHLETE as soon as he steps on the BIG and WIDE arena. The passion to give ONE’S BEST supersedes all other emotions and this is what this ANTHEM does. The powerful beats and the dancy rhythm rekindle and propel the desire to do WHAT-ALL-IS-REQUIRED to emerge as a winner not only in the game but in this circle of life, too !
So go out and kill it ! You slay, Palavians !!
PS: The genre is BIG ROOM - a bit of imp info for the discerning electronic music lovers
Palava , Palaso
about the band

Layer is a synesthete who sees colors as waves, a Soundscapist, a Robotic humanist, an automation and Electronics Engineer , there are as many facets to him as 
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