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Here we are, finally!! It’s been 20 long years since we got back to doing what we love most and our most true calling, Music
Words can't describe the joy this brings to us, ArDh, to launch our first Album PhirSe ... Again
This album is a hindi classic rock mixtape of kinds, from angsty riffs to lilting ballads with mellow dark psychedelia at times. The words speak of both our, Arindam's & Dhruv's, individual journeys through the landscape of our lives ...
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about the band
ArDh - A Hindi Rock Band by (Ar)indam &(Dh)ruv. Following our passion to rediscover the better 1/2 of our lives within the infinite realm of music!!
Music is what brought us back together to launch our band’s (ArDh) first alb...

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