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Prayers of love is a compilation of songs that takes the listener into a world of ecstasy and delight. 
In this album Anand Richa has collaborated with the renowned world musician Chinmaya Dunster and the album has emerged with such soulful songs which make it a timeless treasure. Each song is carved from unique acoustic sounds of piano, guitar, harp, flute and smooth vocals, meant for a modern music lover.
All tracks sung and composed by- Anand Richa
Music Produced by- Chinmaya Dunster  
Piano, Organ and Harp- Sangit Om
Guitar- Chinmaya Dunster
Lyrics- Yog Pritam (except Track 1)
Cover designer- Kalypso
Cover Photograph by- Adi Jain
Recorded at Pune & Kolkata.
©All Rights Reserved by Anand Richa.
about the band


An exceptional performing and recording artist, Anand Richa’s musical talent surpasses many genres, ranging from devotional to pop to folk to fusion.
Richa has received training in Indian Classical music from Sangeet Ashram, Kol...

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