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First of three songs, Set 01. 


An original song inspired by Goalpariya lokageet (folk songs) of Assam, India. For more information about this song, including release notes and behind-the-scene glimpses, click on this link: tinyurl.com/zco4lwc 



O’ mother, show me the way… 

Prem dibi mok jibon dibi, 

Aro kisu nalaagey mok. 


// Translation: 

Give me love, give me life; 

I need nothing else. // 


I don’t know where I’m going, I don’t 

Know where I’ve been coming from. 

Still the wheel is turning and I’m 

Going round and round and round. 

The voices in my head, they’re telling me 

That I must carry on. 

And I don’t know who to listen to 

Cuz everybody’s got the whole thing wrong. 


Prem dibi mok jibon dibi, 

Aro kisu nalaagey mok. 


Civilization just another dream 

That you are tumbling through. 

Faces they are grinning and they’re 

Asking what you’re planning to do. 

But looking up into the sky, 

There’s nothing but your fading memories. 

And everybody’s saying: “this is life” 

And “you are served what you will eat.” 


Prem dibi mok jibon dibi 

Aro kisu nalaagey mok.


Released October 26, 2016

All aspects of song-writing and performance by Dayglocrazie.


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