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As a follow up to the EP, this is the album. It features some of the most stellar musicians of India, encompassing a multilingual journey through timeless classics. 
Ritaprabha Ray : Guitars, synths, sampling, drum and bass programming, arrangement 
Abhijit Barman 'Pata', Somlata A. Chowdhury, Madhubanti Bagchi, Raju Das Baul : Vocals
Sudipto 'Buti' Banerjee, Sudipto Paul : Electric piano and synths
Sambit Chatterjee : Electronic and acoustic drums
Jona Vantard : Saxophone
Abhishek 'Nona' Bhattacharya : Bass guitar
Mixed and mastered by : Rhitabrata Kar
Official radio partner : abc radio 89.2 fm

about the band

After picking up the drumsticks at the age of 13, Ritaprabha went on to play drums for a a band from Kolkata called Rudraa. At the age of 16 he took up his brother's guitar and started practising. Soon he went on to play rhythm guitars with Aditya Shankar (current guitar play...

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