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"Chal Pada" is a ballad celebrating the process of "Moving on" from anxiety, depression, low-phases, and other setbacks. Generally "moving on" is not considering fancy as you are returning to the state of normalcy. And normal can be boring. But this feeling of conquering-your-demons can be the foundation of your future successes and happiness. This song takes you through such journeys of people who have fought these demons facing uncertainty, release and finally happiness.

"Chal Pada" is the first out of eight original songs from Anurag's upcoming debut album called "Project SWA"; with 'SWA' referring to 'Self' in Hindi. These songs are nothing but stories, originating from one-self describing the subconscious emotions within us. These are undertones. Under-expressed, overlooked and under-valued. They are expressed in their rawest form. Anurag says, "As an artist, this record is me and also what I am capable of."

Rest of the songs, will be releasing soon. Stay tuned.

about the band

Anurag Mishra, is a singer-songwriter, hailing from the state of Odisha. Having completed his studies from pedigreed institutions like NIT Rourkela and IIM Indore, he started pursuing his passion for singing and music during his corporate stint in Mumbai in the year 2015. He has his own You...

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