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After the highly acclaimed 'False Hope Of Tyranny' EP release in 2009 which turned out to be one of the most favorite releases in India that year, Theorized are now back with their 10 track / 53 minute debut full length album P S Y C H O S P H E R E. 
The album art concept shows a giant machinery feeding the common man biased content and creating a brainwashed civilization and the album gives you an experience of the same. From songwriting & conceptualizing to achieving top notch production, P S Y C H O S P H E R E takes the band's DIY approach to the next level. 
Produced by Ankit Suryakanth & Madhav Ayachit
Lyrics by Sankalp Narayanan
                 Vishnu Pradeep (Genetic Variants & Venomous Tormentia)
Mixed & Mastered by Ankit Suryakanth
Artwork by Gaurav Basu 
Photography by Munz  
' Theorized have not just made another record. 'Psychosphere' is a landmark album in line with the international levels of this genre of music. It not only shows that they are capable of good, hard-hitting thrash metal, but are capable of creating some memorable melodies that can leave you with goose-bumps.'  - Metalwani.com
' As it stands, PSYCHOSPHERE is a robust consolidation of solos/riffs and most importantly, ballsy thrash which is hard to find in bands nowadays, that will leave your speakers a quivering wreck by the time it reaches it’s epic conclusion'  - metalheadspotted.net
about the band
Theorized is a 4 piece Thrash Metal act from Bangalore, India. Formed in 2007-08 with an EP release in 2009 which blew everyone's minds off, the highly acclaimed 'False Hope Of Tyranny' EP turned out to be one of the most favorite releases across India. In spite of the band...

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