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PULSE is our Self Titled debut Assamese Rock Album. The Music is a Mixture of Hard Rock, Blues and Pop Rock.


Band Members:
Deepu Saikia: Vocals/Bass/Guitars
Jeenti Dutta: Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Toobloo Borthakur: Drums & Percussions
Lyrics: Deepu Saikia, Porikshit Kalita & Alakesh Dutta
Drums Arranged & Programmed by Bitupan Phukan
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Bitupan Phukan
Akhomiya Rock
about the band
PULSE started its Musical Journey from Assam around 2005 as 'FAITH', A Classic Rock Band and has won many Prestigious college festivals in and around North East and was Runner up of Campus Rock Idol 2005 and was Winner of Independence Rock 2006 and also was one of the Headliners o...

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