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This is classical Bandish from Banaras Gharana based on Raag Megh. This Bandish is called "Umad Ghir Aayi" and is written by Pt. Mahadev Prasad Mishra, the vocal legend of Banaras Gharana and is also, the great grandfather of Pt. Deobrath Mishra. Since this Raag is formulated from the vibes of rainy weather and therefore, it has the quality to enhance the aura of the environment. We have fused Guitar with the epicness of classical Indian music to create a tone as fresh as rain.


about the band

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We bring the flavour of Varansi and the folk notes of the mountains together. Our members include veteran Sitar Vadak Pt. Deobrat Mishra and Prashant Mishra on Tabla from Banaras Gharana. This duo has been performing all around the globe from last 25 yrs. On vocals a...

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