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This song is many perspectives rolled into:


1) It is a dedication to Indian Hindi poets. The 'rasa' of poetry is long foregone, buried somewhere under Bollywood songs. This celebrates the "Veer Rasa" and honors legends in Hindi poetry including Rashtrakavi Ramdhari Singh Dinkar- from whom the reference "Shesh Samar" has been inspired in the song
2) It is a song with a "go get them" attitude. It is about not giving up- about following your dreams but clear the obstacles, it gives the motivation to succeed against the odds
3) The song is written with a rock feel- and presented in a symphony feel. It gives that grandiose operatic feel but also has an edgy attitude 
4) In the lyrics too, while the main verses are heavy on the hindi language, the chorus takes a colloquial word 'Bandey' and "Re"- calling out someone. "Re Bandey" then takes a rustic approach to call upon someone trying to achieve something. Don't give up. 


about the band

Shalabh is an independent singer-songwriter based out of Singapore and originally from New Delhi, India.