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'Reality' Tracklist

1. Dreamish World - Yuktarth (Guitar Solo), Ronjoy (Guitar/Synth/Bass)

2. That April - Yuktarth (Lead Guitar), Ronjoy (Guitar/Synth/Bass/Co-Lead Guitar)

3. Masquerader - Shubhanshu (Guitar Solo), Rishab Singh Palni (Guitar Solo), Vivek Verma (Bass), Ronjoy (Guitar/Bass/Synth)

4. Madeline - Bhargav (Vocals), Yuktarth (Ambient Guitar), Kadambari (Lyrics), Ronjoy (Guitar/Lead Guitar/Bass/Synth)

5.Reality - Tina (Vocals/Lyrics), Yuktarth (Lead Guitars), Ronjoy (Piano/Synth/Bass)


All of the tracks were produced by Ronjoy.

Cover Art by Ronjoy.


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about the band

Ronjoy is a music arranger/composer from Guwahati, India. He has been collaborating over the years with various artists and producing songs/tunes of different genre. Ronjoy Barthakur Collective focuses on the collaborative act with artist Yuktarth Nagar. Other mentions are Bhargav Talukdar,...

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