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About a girl (or boy) you may know.



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Waiting for a different day;
Waiting for something to shine a light on.
And every door is closed so tight;
The window in her room is with the blinds on.


She doesn't need her mother now:
Got no right to tell her when to get home.
And the daily job, it pays her well.
She feels the power that she never felt before.


Jealous boyfriend's such a pain.
Can’t he see that she has got to be strong?
And you’re going up the ladder girl:
Top of the rung is where you've got your sights on.


But wait, baby wait;
Don’t run too far, you’ll never find your way home.
And stay, baby stay;
Think it through, you’ll never find your way home.


Cuz when a wave will rise, a wave will fall:
You never know the one that you arrive on.
And when daddy’s dead and mamma’s mad,
And Cody was run over the other day oh.


She doesn't have a friend inside:
Pushed them out with her red heeled stilettos.
And the walls are slowly closing in,
Night is catching up to steal her smile oh.


So wait...


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All aspects of song-writing and performance by Dayglocrazie.
Copyright ©️ Dayglocrazie 2017. All rights reserved.
Last of three songs, Set 01.

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