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This is my debut album as a singer-songwriter. The songs have been my musings for several years. I have dealth with themes of self enquiry and the inquisitiveness of an earnest seeker. It is lyrical and melodic with harmonic progressions borrowed from jazz music.


Arnab Sengupta - Vocals, Guitars, Backing Vocals

Drew Krasner - Saxophone

Elin Sandberg - Bass

Patrick Simard - Drums

Vijay Xavier - Solo Guitar on What Could Time Pay

Mixed and Mastered by Marc Reeves@mixitstudios, UK

about the band
Arnab is a contemporary singer-songwriter currently located in Bangalore. He has extensive experience in the study and performance of Western Contemporary music across all genres. His foray with western music began in school at Dhanbad and has eversince become a medium of self-discovery a...

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