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We live in a world where stupidity trumps intellect, herd mentality trumps non-conformity, greed trumps benevolence, malice trumps innocence, condemnation trumps gratitude, animosity trumps compassion and ignorance trumps wisdom. So, how do we survive in such a world where humanity has become an alien concept? How do we deal with this world on a personal level? How do we find happiness and satisfaction in such a world? It’s quite simple, actually. You find a profound sense of beauty of the universe and become aware of the sad beauty of human suffering while developing a mind of your own.


“Reliqua Mentis” (a Latin phrase which means ‘The Rest of’) is an album that highlights a person’s path towards developing a mind of his own while engulfing himself in a profound sense of awareness about the universe. Through sounds depicting emotions, the album tries to portray a concept that it is always you against the rest of the world and how you deal with this revelation is completely up to you.    

about the band

Home Brewed Universe is a one-man instrumental rock project started by multi-instrumentalist, Arka Sengupta, in early 2019. He started this project to explore the heavier side of musical sensibilities that he couldn’t do with his ambient/post-rock/experimental project, Mixtaped Monk. ...

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