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Kaav's debut album ‘Rhapsody of Rains’ consisting of eight songs, released in June 2012 through Cochym. The album is an attempt by the band to further its musical expeditions into more progressive terrains while still retaining its indigenous roots as well as diverse influences. Recorded at ‘Liquid Music Studio’ based in Kochi, the album is produced and mixed by Baiju Dharmajan and mastered by Ty Degroff of ‘The Final Sound’.  The album cover features photograph by Thulasi Kakkat.
PRODUCED BY : Baiju Dharmajan
PUBLISHED BY : Cochym Records
RECORDED : Liquid Music Studio, Kochi (April 2011)
ENGINEERED BY : Robin Thomas & Joby A.Y
MIXED BY : Baiju Dharmajan & Kaav
PHOTOGRAPHY (Cover) : Thulasi Kakkat
PHOTOGRAPHY (Band) : Prashanth Chandran (Gulfu)
Syam N Pai – Electric and Acoustic guitars
Shabeer P Ali – Bass guitar, Voice on 'Sulthan'
Arun S Kumar – Drums
Guest Artists
Baiju Dharmajan – Bass guitar, Backing Vocals on 'Vida', Percussion on 'Fears Mysteries', 'Vida', &'Sulthan'.
Ahana Baiju – Backing Vocals on 'Vida' and 'Kaalichan'
Sukhu – Backing Vocals and Aalaap on 'Kaalichan'
Manoj Abraham – Voice on 'Kaalichan'
Joby A.Y – Voice on 'Vida'
Thulasi Kakkat – Words for 'Kaalichan'
Note: FX on 'Thee' taken from the Malayalam movie 'Amma Ariyaan' by John Abraham, FX (Pandi Melam) on 'Kalichan' taken from live recording of Pandi Melam by Peruvanam Kuttan Marar and group at Trissur Pooram.
about the band

Kaav is an Indian trio instrumental band formed in 2009 by Syam N Pai (Guitar), Shabeer P Ali (Bass) and Arun S Kumar (Drums). The Vypin Island, Kerala based band released their eponymous E.P of three tracks in September 2010. The E.P was produced by guitar maestro Baiju Dharmajan. Kaav EP ...

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