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“Saagara Shayana Vibho” is our tribute to the legendary singer-composer Shri. M D Ramanathan’s timeless melody in the stunning late night raaga bageshree - a raaga that evokes a multitude of emotions - longing, happiness, hope and many more. We have attempted to create a soundscape that is textured, nuanced yet minimalistic capturing the intricate emotiveness of this raaga expressed through some heart-tugging melody lines played on the sitar- A soundscape that would remind you of the melancholy rain drenched feel of early monsoons in a faraway hill.
We are also super excited to present our first music video conceived and directed by MUNZ TDT. This video features the ensemble of musicians that collaborated with us on this album and the video depicts our excitement, anxiety and ecstasy embarking on this incredible journey of a lifetime - a journey to realize a collective dream - A Dream to Remember.
about the band
Agam’s music is a culmination of our years’ worth of dreams to imbibe, nurture and promote the artistic values and spirit of south Indian classical Carnatic music and its centuries’ old tradition and combine that with the sophisticated nuances of Progressive Rock Music. ...

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