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In our quest for happiness, we set out along an unknown path and travel all terrains, from the easygoing plains to the difficult mountains, united by the bonds of friendship and love. And when the path leads us to our destination we look back and reflect upon the journey undertaken. It’s a journey of self discovery and exploration which leaves us with happy tears and songs of life-it’s all about the journey within.

         In this album, we have taken small steps in the journey of life and invite everyone to join us and experience the emotions of love, happiness, joy and inner peace through songs touching the hearts of one and all.


Is raat ko rok lo- feeling the presence of the beloved in the dark folds of night wondering if its real, love-lorn hearts  open up and reveal their secret longings.


Chal diye- The true essence of a journey is not its destination but the journey itself.. the arduous  travel seems blissful  when one moves ahead with hope and joy.


Meri dua- her love is oblivious of the fact that she has to wait for him forever.. and let the stars decide from now on


Fairy tale- sometimes something untold and unknown takes us far.. to a place where dreams collide with reality...  as in a fairy tale


Rehmat Teri- a free soul which is never tired of its pursuits.. goes on the voyage of searching the true meaning of creation and bounty.


Dekho Zara-Forget the past and believe in the future coz nothing can surpass the joy of the present.


Music Composed and arranged by Srijit Roy

Vocals : Puja and Srijit

Lyrics : Shreya and Puja

Background Vocals: Debraj

Live Guitar ,Harmonica ,Synth :Srijit

Percussion : Soham ,Technical asst: Riddhi

about the band
Formed in 2013,Transcendental tunes is the brainchild of Srijit Roy.
A sound engineer, well versed in basic musical instruments , he has been associated with music for a long time and his passion for the same led him to an endeavour by which he could inculcate the same love...

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