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"Saint and Sinner" started out as a single and evolved over a 4 year period into the album it is today. Supported by some of the most talented musicians from Goa, India, it was recorded very organically and produced by Vince Costa. It consists of 10 songs that address common themes in life. Its music weaves through these themes using interesting arrangements, meaningful lyrics and soulful performances to produce a texture that is warm, honest and unique. M Music Magazine, U.S, in its review has said that world needs more troubadours like Vince Costa. Influences from Country, Blues, Rock and Roll and Americana come together and sit well in this debut offering from Vince Costa.

about the band

Vince Costa is a singer songwriter of Indian origin. He grew up in Goa, a former Portuguese colony on a healthy musical diet of American music.

The records owned by his family, along with the radio were his first set of instructors. He found his heart in the music that came from ...

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