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At 78, Sakar Khan, from the village of Hamira in Rajasthan’s Jaisalmer district, is a living treasure. Not just for the Thar desert where he comes from, but for the vast swath of land extending west to parts of Europe. Sakar Khan plays a very special instrument, to a specially high level. 
The roots of the ‘kamancha’ (also kamaicha, kamaycha, kemancheh) go back to the 8th century. A bowed instrument with a goat skin sound box and three main gut strings with 14 sympathetic metal strings, it harks back to the lost bowed Raba'ab of Arabia, and perhaps further, in terms of both geography and time. 
"At Home: Sakar Khan" - single take recordings with the maestro and his sons Ghewar, Firoze and Dara (the brothers tour as the band GFD) at home in Hamira, Rajasthan. Recorded in May 2012, the kamancha maestro is in fine form and on the album we hear Sakar Khan's voice on record for the first time!
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