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Conceptually "Sammukh" is a prequel to the story that unfolds in "Coalescence". 
Paradigm Shift -
Aamir Ismail Shaikh - Drums and Percussions 
Ariel Samson - Recording Engineer and Bass Guitars 
Ajay Jayanthi - Violins and String Section
Chinmay Agharkar - Lead Guitars/Rhythm Guitars
Desikan Gopalan - Lead Guitars/Rhythm Guitars
Kaushik Ramachandran - Vocals
Paradigm Shift
Vishal J Singh
Produced by Vishal J Singh
Additional Synth and Keyboards 
Vishal J Singh
Additional Vocals 
Ajay Jayanti, Desikan Gopalan, Chinmay Agharkar, Ariel Samson, Aamir Ismail Shaikh
Featuring Artists 
"Vimukh" featuring Krishna Bongane 
"Saaraansh" featuring Nitin Rajan
Violin Solos on "Banjaara" and "Sammukh" composed by Nikhil Nandakumar performed by Ajay Jayanthi
Lyrics and Concept by Kaushik Ramachandran
Recorded by Ariel Samson at Benchmark Studios, Thane
Asst. Engineers: Rahul Kannan & Sandesh Rao
Mixed by Bruce Soord, UK
Mastered by Steve Kitch at Steve Kitch Mastering, Devon, UK
Artwork: Ronen Samson
Band Logo: Anisha Shankar
Band Picture: Roycin D'souza
about the band
Paradigm Shift is a progressive rock / fusion act based out of Mumbai, India. Their music can be described as an amalgamation of Indian classical (Hindustani and Carnatic influenced violins) with contemporary progressive rock structures and Hindi vocals.
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