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Sanjay Divecha - acoustic & electric guitars, keyboards, programming & vocals.
Chandana Bala - vocals
Raman Mahadevan - vocals
Sonu Sangameswaran - bass
Sanket Naik - percussion & vocals
Guest Artists.
Louiz Banks - piano on Call
Gino Banks - drums on Call & Secret.
Tapas Roy - saaz & bouzouki on Thillana
Ravi Knypstra - acoustic bass on Xiyaali Ae
Naresh Kamath - backing vocals on Xiyaali Ae
Kurt Peters - drums on Mahaganapatim
Shubha Santosh - veena on Mahaganapatim@y
Ryan Sadri - tenor sax on Mahaganapatim
Rhys Sebastian D'souza - alto sax on Mahaganapatim
Agnelo Picardo - trumpet on Mahaganapatim 
Anand Bhagat - djembe on Mahaganapatim
Shirish Malhotra - tenor sax, alto sax & bass clarinet on Secret.
Kishore Sodha - trumpet on Secret.
Song list 
1. Ota  - ( Running ) | Lyrics - Chandana Bala, Music - Sanjay Divecha, Language - Kannada
2. Thillana | Lyrics - Dr. M Balamurali Krishna, Melody Composed by Swati   Tirunal., Language - Sanskrit
3. Xiyaali Ae (The Mother Sings for every Civilisation) | Lyrics Ibson Lal Baruah, Music - Sanjay Divecha, Language - Axamiya
4. Mani Muthe (Pearl Drop) | Lyrics Reetha Chacko & KC Loy, Music composed by Sanjay Divecha, Language - Malayalam
5. Saanwara - Lyrics - Mirabai, Melody - Pt. Govind Prasad Jaipurwale, with additional vocal arrangements by Sandhya Sanjana, Language - Hindi
6. Call - Lyrics Traditional, Music composed by Sanjay Divecha, Language - Oriya
7. Mahaganapatim - Lyrics & Melody composed by Muttuswamy Dikshitar
 Language - Sanskrit
8. Secret - composed by Sanjay Divecha
Produced & Arranged by Sanjay Divecha.
Co-produced by Sanket Naik, Chandana Bala, Raman Mahadevan & Sonu Sangameswaran.
Recorded at Kailasa Studios, Half Step Audio and Home
Mixed & Mastered by Ashish Manchanda, Aman Moroney & Lionel Crasta At Flying Carpet Productions.
Songs published for the world outside India by Turnkey Music & Publishing Pvt Ltd. Email : info@turnkeymusic.in
Photography - Kaustubh Joshi
Graphic art - Sejal Patel (CD Cover), Kaustubh Joshi (Band Photo)
Special thanks to Chandana, Raman, Sanket & Sonu for their incredible talents, patience, dedication  and trust in my vision to create this music. And to all the other musicians who have played on the album. To Kailash Kher for giving us the space to record in his studio - Sanjay
Sonu would like to thank his family for the inspiration. Aruna for being the foundation. Sanjay Divecha for this opportunity to be part of the music. Mark Foster for the mentoring and Jay Baldemor for Gruv gear. Sonu plays Fender & Dingwall basses through Markbass amplification and Payson strings.
Sanket would like to thank Manish Shinde for being the best man Friday ever.
about the band
Sanjay Divecha is a guitar player and composer based in Mumbai, India. His current band, Secret attempts to blur the lines between the great Indian traditions; Hindustani and Carnatic, and jazz with a strong focus on collective improvisation and a soulful message. 
OTHER MUSIC BY Sanjay Divecha
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