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This iconic thumri by the legendary Shobha Gurtu has been re-conceived in a fresh Jazz arrangement keeping the essence of this traditional composition alive at its core.


Conceived and Sung by Isheeta Chakrvarty

Arrangement and Guitars by Odysseas Toumazou
Bass by Gianluca Liberatore
Drums by Aron Nyiro
Recorded at Cotton Press Studios, Mumbai by Jehangir Jehangir
Mixed and Mastered by Anupam Roy
Additional Mixing by Jehangir Jehangir.
about the band

ISHEETA CHAKRVARTY is a contemporary and versatile vocal artiste who has the ability to juggle both Hindustani Classical music singing Khayal, thumri, bhajan, Qawwalis as well as various forms of Western music like Pop, Rock and especially Jazz.

Trained and mentored by maestros i...

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