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‘SEHER’ which literally means ‘morning’, is an inspiring and beautifully crafted melodious Original Composition by ULFAT to celebrate the beauty of a brand new morning. After a dark night’s spell, once the horizon gets lit up by the warm rays of the morning sun, it wipes away with it everything negative. Our hearts are filled with new hopes, new dreams, new enthusiasm, new aspirations. SEHER assures us that no matter what phase of life we are in, or the difficulties we may be going through, we should always hold our spirits high and wake up enthusiastically the next morning, looking forward to a fresh new beginning with new dreams in our eyes and new hope in our hearts. A glorious new morning is undoubtedly the most special segment of the day bringing with it so much motivation, joy and tranquility. We only wish we could hold on to it and live in it’s magical moments forever !!

about the band
                                                                    ULFAT UNPLUGGED
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