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Atul's debut album ‘Semal se’ is a sincere compilation of 5 slow and medium paced songs that are reminiscent of Atul’s own times growing up wondering and deciphering the great deal of the world.
The songs ‘Semal se’ and ‘Hum Patang’ are like the painting of childhood memories on a musical canvas. Trailing a child’s state of awe of the surreal kapok trees and the beautiful flight of kites, these two songs cast a serene spell on its audience.
While the crooning layers of guitar in the tree song ‘Semal se’ almost certainly creates a visually nostalgic passage for a listener, the melodious riff of ‘Hum Patang’ pulsating in a breathtaking ambience metaphors the journey of everyone’s life with that of a kite.
The spacey and echoing persona of ‘Bhai Waziri’ is an ode to the selfless sacrifices of brotherhood. Moulded with the reverberating guitar hooks, the lyrics of ‘Bhai Waziri’ travels far and wide, carving as it goes, its own depths for a listener to dive in.
‘Mashaal aur hawa’ literally translated as ‘Torch and Wind’ is a song of optimistic struggle. It earnestly covers the perseverance of farmers, labourers and alike in India. The organic resonance of acoustic guitar and thump-steady percussion bring certain hint of ‘world’ vibe to it.
‘Ik Had Hain Hum’ carries life’s higher realizations. Coiled in a tiny story of a little girl and her mud-dolls, the song finds a vital teaching of ‘life-death cycle’ as it’s sung. Crafted under the light of thoughtful piano and strings the song ends the album on a very introspective note.
The super-talented musicians/recording artists whose contributions are immense in the album ‘Semal se’ are:
Ambar Nag – Bassist, Backing Vocals. Ambar is a prolific bassist, guitarist whose vast experience in the field of music has helped this project by leaps and bounds. Atul and Ambar go a long way of rehearsing, recording and performing on various stages locally and nationally. The strong yet passive character of his acoustic and electric bass lines emboldens the songs in as exclusive way. (Associated Acts in past: Blueprint, Bangalore Acoustic Trio)
Abhilash Lakra – Keys, Recording, Mixing and Mastering Engineer. Abhilash is a Bangalore based composer whose success in the southern film industry isn’t hidden. Abhilash as a live musician is a extremely soulful pianist. He juggled multiple roles for ‘Semal se’ which were of a pianist, recording, mixing and mastering engineer. With his widely known flair for the recording art the album was a smooth affair. (Associated Acts in past: Live-Banned, Aks)
Aditya R. Kombra – Cellist. Aditya is the cellist behind the heart-wrenching solos and background in the songs across the album. As a committed musician his focus has always been his instrument. This devotion has earned him, at a young age, an experience of playing cello for Winterthurer Symphoniker, The National Youth Orchestra of Canada, The India National Youth Orchestra and many other esteemed orchestras.
Other critical contributions:
Album Artwork, consultation and design: Prachod P.K. & Jananee Mohan
Website Design and Development: Prachod P.K.
Sound and Album Critic: Sheldon Karkada, Nitesh Narayan & Anish Bhaskar
Marketing, Social Media & Events: Divya Chikara, Aditi Banerjee
Special thanks to all the family and friends whose support was pivotal.
about the band
Atul Giri is an Indian composer, lyricist, guitarist, producer & thinker. His music traverses from the simple realizations of roots music to the burgeoning largeness of ambience. One can in his music find the traces of nature-learning silently mottled with human emotions. The imprint ...

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