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Shady Sunrise is an original blues/soul/jazz album composed and sung by Bianca Love.

Combining elements of blues, soul and swing reminiscient of her hometown (New Orleans), the album is written about Bianca's journey during her time spent in Kolkata.


Featured Artists:

1.) Southern Avenue Swing:

Bass: Mainak "Bumpy" Nag Chowdhury

Guitar: Nishad Pandey

Drums: Bihu Mukherjee


2.) Slow Jiving Soul


Guitar/arrangement: Srinjay Banerjee

Bass: Mainak "Bumpy" Nag Chowdhury

Keys: Zafar Ansari

Drums: Bihu Mukherjee


3.) Homegrown Blues:

Saxophone: Akash Majumdar

Guitar: Soumalya Das

Bass: Aditya Datta

Drums: Aditya Dutta


4.) Sixteen Roses and a Shot of Whiskey

Guitar/Bass/Programming: Rahul Haldar

Drums: Tushar Banerjee


5.) Temporary Lovin'


Guitar/Programming: Sounak Saha


The album was recorded at Nilanjan Ghosh's Red Earth Studios, Tushar Banerjee's Pentatonic Studios, and Blooperhouse Studios.


The album was mixed and mastered by Tushar Banerjee at Pentatonic Studios.

Album composed and sung by Bianca Love, released independently.
about the band

Bianca Love is a 20 year old vocalist and guitarist, born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana.
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