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Drenched in powerful love and longing, this beautiful masterpiece, originally performed by Naseebo Lal, brings forth the pathos of love and the roller-coaster ride of the lonely heart. This track was inspired by the track of the same name directed by Shiraz Uppal and produced by strings for Coke Studio, Pakistan. Flowing in the same mood, music producer KJ Singh lays out this exquisite soundscape by adding the emotive string section, woven with the melancholy clarinet solo, which slowly builds up the tension towards the end, with the horn section, gospel choir and the big drums. Jasleen Kaur Monga experiments with her mellifluous vocals, giving the song a dark and an emotional feeling.


Singer: Jasleen Kaur Monga
Music Producer: KJ Singh (Fast Forward Productions)
Recording, mixing & mastering: KJ Singh @ Studio A6TG, Mumbai
Additional Electric Piano programming: Vipin Venugopal
Original Composer: M. Javed 
Lyricist: Abdulah Chilli 
Cover Art picture: Saloni Puri
Cover Version
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