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There are times when we don't really plan, but rather forge ahead with what we feel. Amidst this we might end up having a conversation with someone that may trigger and let us open up about how we feel. And guess what do we get out of it, an idea to channelize our thoughts into a song. This is exactly how "Sheher" made its way into our lives.
We are all tied up to the wheel of emotions and tend to experience it regularly. We often feel stuck in the deafening silence of our chaotic minds and the only thing we then look for is a shoulder to rest upon. Sometimes it's just like the midnight dreams with unspoken words, wherein, you take solace from this muddled up world. You feel enclosed and entrapped,  you wish to have someone or maybe not, you want to breathe in the open space, or feel the warmth of that special one. It's only then when you realize that love is not something you always talk about romantically, but it is universal.
"Sheher" is that universal language of love, which will take you down the memory lane, only so that you can treasure the presence of those special people during these tough times.
about the band
Tracing his essence from the serene roots of North-east India, Sourav Dey unfurls his musical tales with much zeal. His keen nature to observe and learn has been his immense strength. He understands the importance of groundwork before advancing towards the actual content. He believes in t...

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