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Shivchhtrapti Tejstwan album is dediacted to Great Chhtrpati Shivaji Maharaj. songs express pure feelings about Chhtrpati Shivaji Maharaj,who ruled "Swaraja" for common man.He gave great lesson of humanity. Singers:Jasraj Joshi Aanandi Joshi. Sandip Ubale. Lyrics: Dilip Bagul. Music composer:Dilip Bagul Music label:dikaba music.

about the band
Dilip bagul is music composer and lyricist from Maharashtra. his tunes express beauty of folk,rustic style.he inclines to melody. Heart touching tunes makes tranquility in mind. shivchhtrapti Tejstwan is his first debut album about great Chhtrpati Shivaji Maharaj. this album dedicated to Chhtrp...

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