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In 2018 Ayon arranged five Bengali songs and started recording them at his home studio with his Recordist/Sound designer friend AJ (Arijit Guha).
Aj is a producer himself and had experience designing EDM and HipHop tracks in his independent project. Aj would lay down the beats and do the drum mapping according to the arrangements and also be the recording engineer while Ayon dubbed the guitar, bass and vocals one by one night after night.
The songs are mixed, mastered and co-produced at Blue monk studio .inc by chief sound engineer Mr. Tirthankar Ray.
We invited 3 guest artist to play on the song called "Somoi ache"Agnitray on percusssion, Dip on guitar and Rigsum on vocal.
Album info:
"Shongbad" consists of 5 bengali songs. The concept of this EP is that it contains a secret message in each song. Its upto the listeners how they want to understand and give it meaning. The ideas and plot of the songs are taken from day to day real life experience of an artist. The astheatic value of this artwork is potrayed through the words and sounds which describe society, love, dreams, human nature and reality.
Ghorer majhe 
Kalo speaker
Somoi (ft. Agnitray on percusssion, Dip on guitar and Rigsum on vocal)
Bhalo achi
সংবাদ | Shongbad | Ayon
about the band
Band/artist info:

Ayon is an independent singer/songwriter from Murshidabad. He dropped out of high school and shifted to Bangalore in 2014 to pursue his passion for music. The IT hub of the country boasted of a thriving live band scene which helped him to hone his c...

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