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Shri Gajanan Maharaj Mandir at Mahim is one of the most visited places in Mumbai.The Mandir in  Mahim closely resembles the original Gajanan Maharaj Mandir at Shegaon.  The followers of Shri Gajanan Maharaj are present throughout Maharastra and across the globe. 
This album comprises of, the collection of "Shri Gajanan Maharaj Aarti's", which are recited and chanted at the prestigious Mahim Temple on every Thursday at 7.00 p.m. This Aarti is almost 30 mins in duration. Its one of the most powerful Aarti, which, if chanted on a regular basis, can bring immense results and positive changes in one's life. 
The Album also features a special track, 'Bavanni' which is written by a great author prof. Su. Ga. Shevde and also sung in his own voice. 
The objective of the album is to  reach out to all the followers of Shri. Gajanan Maharaj through this Aarti, so that , they can get maxium spriritual benefit from this.
Credits :
Singers: Sagar Lele, Rahul Chitnis, Vivek Naik, Dipti Madane Phadnis, Neha Madkaiker, Deepa Madane, Prof. Su. Ga. Shevde.
Music - Krunal Shah
Music & Rhythm Arrangements - Amol Jayant Naik
Tabla - Vivek Mishra
Pakhawaj - Ganesh Sawant
Percussions & Side Rhythm - Amol Jayant Naik & Pravin Rane
Mixing & Mastering - Sagar Sathe (Kambay Studioss, Mumbai)
Recorded by - Krunal Shah ( Kambay Studioss, Mumbai) 
Track 02 - Bavanni Written & Sung by - Prof. Su. Ga. Shevde
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