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Title : Soniye
Soniye is a light-hearted innocent love song that has a boy convincing a girl to just be friends with him before anything else. 
Crisp melodies and production from DJ Suketu with the dewy vocals of Neeraj Shridhar make this track a little package of fun. 
Release Date : 19th November, 2020
Creative: Attached
Credits -
Music - DJ Suketu & Neeraj Shridhar
Singer - Neeraj Shridhar
Lyrics - Neeraj Shridhar & Aniket Shukla
Mix and Master - Kohinoor Mukherjee
about the band

Suketu Radia, also known as DJ Suketu is an Indian DJ, music producer and content creator. Since the release of his critically acclaimed tracks - 'Bin Tere Sanam', 'Pyaar Zindagi' and '...

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