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The EP is about bringing peaceful and calm vibes amidst the present chaos the world is in, as is evident from the ambient warmth of instrumental music with no guitars or drums. The blanket of textures will engulf you into it and take you far off to a trip where there is hope and serenity. Toss it up before sleeping or while gazing the stars under the night sky or whenever you just need to be by yourself minding your thoughts to feel buoyant.
Sooner or Later, this too shall pass. :)

Having almost written another EP which was planned to be released sometime this year is now being planned for the end of the year as soon as life returns to the usual. Until then enjoy this little Quarantine present.

about the band

The project is an extension of what we feel and what flows organically on the instruments each member plays. It's a medium of exploration for us and we hope we get myriad of people with us onboard in this journey.

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