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Written, Performed, Produced, and Published by Srijit Bhowmick
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Hrushabh Talapadatur
Recorded at Hrushabh's Home, Sri's Bedroom, and IVM Podcasts Studio
Photography - Rahul Bhanushali and Akshay Shaji
Album Artwork by Srijit Bhowmick
Sri - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Hrushabh Talapadatur - Keys, Electric Guitar *and Additional Acoustic Guitar on 'Yesterday's Child'*

about the band
Sri (aka Srijit Bhowmick) is an indie singer-songwriter from Bombay. His music is a combination of strong storytelling, thoughtful lyrical themes and quirks, and an extremely good and melodious voice - the distinct phrasing and style of which is hard to miss. 
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