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We are a Grunge Band from India(Asia). 
The album is called "Stripped" because it features songs recorded with only Vocals & Acoustic Guitars without the cosmetics as things were not working out as planned with the line-up & also due to budget constraints. 
The songs have good lyrical content & each song tries to send a message across, the more you understand the lyrics the more you will enjoy our stuff. 
We are expecting a lot of support from real grunge fans which will help motivate us to record & release the same tracks with all the cosmetics as our second album "Unleashed". 
Keep Rocking!
about the band
Ledge13 was formed on 13th October 2008 by Dr. Rajesh Purigella(Me). 
All the while I struggled to keep a steady & complete line-up as most of the people I met lacked conviction & didn't believe in my work.
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