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"Sukoon”, based on the raga Kirwani of South Indian Classical music, is a sweet and short fusion of Indian classical and western music in which with the combinations of instruments and the harmonies the song has tried to generate a conspicuous touch.
As per the name "sukoon" the word in itself implies the meaning of the song in which the significance of the word sukoon is justified for the girl in the context of her feelings for the guy she loves and believes that they both have different worlds.
The song is basically about the complicity of  love, which is an irresistible and could not be overcome with a concise reflection of that phase of  life where the feelings have not been confronted yet.
A perception of true love along with the expectations one long for ,has been shared through this alluring melody.
about the band
Started in November 2014, Audio United is a musical collaboration team.
We look forward to collaborate with new and enthusiastic artists and bring best out of them to make excellent projects.
The team does not bound itself to a limited number of artists and s...

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