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Super-Boy (defender of nature) is Action thrilor and superhero type movie presented by Avengers Dream Films. In this film songs are very important and 

great. we have new genre of music that you could not listen first anywhere.

"Rabba khair kar" it's a sad song but it had more and more energy. in this song music is very good and great quality and great genre. and the other song "Aadi wahi hai" it's a very very good lyrics and great music. if you loved devotional type of music then it's great news for you becouse it's a devotional energetic song. So enjoy this song atleast one time am sure you will enjoy these songs.

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about the band

Avengers dream music is a very good and well music production company. it's working on film production in bollybod film industry. Avengers dream films working on dreams is a second company of Mr. Anoop Dixit is a owner of Avengers Dream Music, and the managing director of the company Mr...

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