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"Super Magic Fairy Wings" is a folk- pop- rock album recorded at Nathaniel School of Music, Bangalore. The songs were written over the course of seven years from 2007-2014.  All six songs convey different emotions about different experiences in the songwriter's life. The first song "Disappear" is an emotional song to an ex-lover, talking of leaving, even though love still remains. 
The second song "Dreamy Days" is slower about growing up and becoming disillusioned about many things
The third song and the title track " Super Magic Fairy Wings" is a peppy song about following your heart and creating your own path, even when the whole world is asking you to "take a ride" on their "wheels". This track celebrates being different and unique. 
The fourth song "Pictures of You" is a slow but optimistic song about waiting for your "special someone"  to come back home. 
"Nothing", which is the fifth song of the album is about a situation when you feel helpless and you ask your Creator for strength and wisdom to go on. "Tainted" is another song to a former lover describing the state of being "tainted" by love. 
All songs have been written and sung by Nidhi.
about the band
Nidhi is a singer-songwriter, originally from Kerala, now residing in Indonesia. She started writing poems and songs at the age of five. Growing up, she spent time learning music theory, piano, the recorder and the guitar. She spent two years in Malaysia learning music, after which she di...

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