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Surfer Girl, the debut album from India’s first true Skater / Surfer Punk Rock band launches with a great success! The album EP consists of 8 unique songs that range from straight up California style Punk rock like their popular song Surfer Girl,  to a Hip-Hop-Reggae song called Turn it Back  and even a punk rock ballad called So Sweet you Are.  
Doctor Zebra’s signature sound comes from the unique blend of an Acoustic  guitar in the background of all songs with a monstrous distortion sound in the foreground. This mixed with some unbelievable percussions and vocals make it one of the most unique Punk sounds to come out of India. 
Book us: Contact Jay K @ 9922426992 or email doctorzebraband@gmail.com
about the band
Doctor Zebra is one of India’s first true Skater/ Surfer Punk bands in India. High Energy fast punk music for all the adrenaline junkies in India! 
The band consists of:
Jay K: Lead singer, songwriter and Rhythm Guitar. Jay&rs...

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