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Synapses, the little patches in our brains, are like islands in the mystic and deep, cobbled ocean of dendrites ; providing the bridges for thoughts to leap over from one neuron to another so as to make them reach their logical destination - like a conclusion - akin to the shore of the ocean.

Sometimes the shore is serene milieu, a groundswell of devotion and reverence which is eternal and not ephemeral ; honoring  the supreme and super-naturals in its own euphoric ways ; just like a super  liberated and coveted soul in the faction selected by GANAPATI.

Sometimes it’s the dwelling of paramours, who desire to commune with each other only through eyes; their whole affiliation is a beautiful amour – thriving only on the pathways in their brains encompassing optic nerves and optic chiasms.

Sometimes the shore is an unerring arithmetic equation - solution to some of the world's largest and ambient problems saving immeasurable destruction and agony

Sometimes it's an all new, unseen, unheard-of ghostly creation of a parallel world! A tunnel of pain, fear, panic and pathos ;  full of milky mist, engulfing and vanishing travelers and porting them to another time loop.

Sometimes it's the beginning of an imbecile journey hell-bent on self-destruction like a poisonous flower engulfs its favorite bumblebee;

The outcomes, all of them, are wild, are unseen and are hitherto unfelt for so many of us. For the rest, it's the ultimate ineffable and forbidden world , the only way for the brain to survive for and to justify its existence and feel worthwhile in this mortal world.

Shhh.. The Synapses are at Work. Slip in quietly and experience their upshots, now !

Introductions to the tracks : 1. STATE OF GANAPATI : Step in and get disconnected in this euphoric celebration of the super liberated techno souls in the faction selected by GANAPATI . Sans the rules of devotion, they dance their way towards ‘etern
about the band

Layer is a synesthete who sees colors as waves, a Soundscapist, a Robotic humanist, an automation and Electronics Engineer , there are as many facets to him as 
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