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The song is an eulogy of Punshilok, a forest in the Langol Hill Range of Manipur. The text is compiled by Mayanglambam Mangangsana, Artistic Director of LAIHUI (Center for Traditional and Indigenous Performing Arts) from “Langkon Chingkoiron Puya” - Chronicle of the Origin and Creation of Langol Hills, Manipur.
Vocal/Ukulele - Chaoba Thiyam
Recorder/Mix/Mastered by Mocha Kangjam @SIYOM


Vocal/Ukulele - chaoba thiyam

recorded/mix/mastered by mocha kangjam @ SIYOM.

SIYOM 2020

about the band

Conceptualized as a “space,” SIYOM symbolizes the womb, the wellspring of creative spirit. A confluence of artists and musicians encompassing the traditional and the unconventional, the structured and the experimental, SIYOM is a folk based ensemble based in Manipur. Our songs a...

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