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Song written and composed by S A Alok.

"Talli Talli Pyar Me", A desi girl's lovely lovely, happy feeling love story song. She says before her life was like a desert, now it's raining with beautiful love. She is now Talli Talli in love. She says her life was colorless, but now her life is colorful and meaningful. She says every heart beat now is saying her to dance with a feeling of lovely lovely and Talli Talli.

Sneha sings this song in a typical desi style with WOW expressions. There are few english words used which is fun and a real treat to listen in her voice.

The song's music also has hormonium and Shehnai for desi feeling touch and Dolak, sub-woofer kick rhythm beat for Talli Talli. To get into more joy of Talli Talli, play the song yaar......

Desi Trance
about the band

About the Band:

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