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The song and hence the album is about breaking your silence, rather than keeping your stories to yourself; to speak up and tell them to the world what you've been through, what you've learned, what your struggles are, and what you've accomplished. 

Testify and tell everyone what you've lived through because everyone needs to be encouraged and reminded of how strong they truly are. 

*Album art done by The Ragamuffins*


released on March 8, 2018 

Mixed and Mastered by Keshav Dhar at Illusion Studio, Delhi 
Drums recorded live at Crossroads Studio, Hyderabad 
Vocals recorded live at Monkstar Studio Hyderabad


all rights reserved
This album also includes the bonus-track "Best Damn Memory" from our music video. Listen, enjoy, share, and above all, do supporting our music!
about the band

The Ragamuffins are an Indie Rock band from Hyderabad, India.
Started in 2015, the band comprises Pranati, Ricky, Eddy, Sanju and Alex

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