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‘The Consequence of Feeling’ is dying for what you love, and through that experience learning to live, alive...... ‘This album is a consequence of our collective blood, sweat and tears over 5 years of making this album. The songs are about feelings, relationships, and reactions to the world around us There are many dark emotions, because today we and our world are in uncertain and challenging times. But, in all the songs, there is the hope of something worth living for. Hope for better days and happier times We hope that you will hear our music, and we hope that you too find your own consequence of feeling Like a rose among thorns’



Shawn Pereira- Vocals

Anish Menon- Guitars

Reinhardt Dias- Guitars

Sourya Mukherjee- Bass

Varun Sood- Drums


Album Recorded at : Yashraj Studios by Shantanu Hudlikar, Benchmark Studios by Ariel Samson


Album Mixed and Produced by: Reinhardt Dias at DefGiant Productions


Album Mastered by: Ariel Samson at Benchmark Studios


Album Artwork by: Elroy Gonsalves

about the band
Blakc is about two things – the music and the people
Starting out as Shawn’s vehicle to being a artist and a rockstar following idols like Steven Tyler, Eddie Vedder he simmered a singe minded vision to create art that moved people. He met Anish who wanted to be...

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