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The debut concept album of Experimental Metal Band DYMBUR 
THE LEGEND OF THRAAT is a journey into modern metal leaning towards brutality and atmospheric moods.
The theme of this album is based around a dark fantasy - folktale written, composed and illustrated by Visual Amnesia [Monuments, Twelve Foot Ninja, Aliases, Allegaeon & More].
Consisting of 10 tracks the album traces the evolutionary journey of Dymbur stretching from the band's roots to the future direction being taken.
We are very proud of the amount of hard work and dedication everyone involved has put into this release.
THRAAT is depicted as the Fifth member/deity of the band and as an imaginary beast in the band’s Concept Debut-Album ‘THE LEGEND OF THRAAT.”
1. The Legend of Thraat
2. Rule of Fifth
3. All Seeing Eye
4. Capital Vices
5. Valor
6. Diablo Illumination
7. Quintus
8. Origins From Alpha
9. When Anger Dwells
10. Anecdote
Album Artwork by  Reuben Bhattacharya, VISUAL AMNESIA.
"The Legend of Thraat" Ambient intro track and a dark fantasy - folktale written, composed and illustrated by Reuben Bhattacharya, VISUAL AMNESIA.
All music arranged and composed by DYMBUR.
Vocals - Julian Andrew Lyngdoh
Guitars - Cornelius Kharsyntiew
Bass - Mayson Dkhar
Drums - Achugra B Sangma
Recorded by Cornelius Kharsyntiew, Legato Recording Studios, Shillong, India.
Mixed and Mastered by Brandon Scurlark, Eltar Studios, North Carolina, USA.
© DYMBUR 2019
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