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Produced by Srijit Bhowmick
Written and Composed by Srijit Bhowmick

Recorded, Mixed and Co-produced by Nitin M Krishna
Mastered by Ronak Runwal
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Gray Spark Audio, Pune
Album sequencing by Srijit Bhowmick
Music and lyrics by Srijit Bhowmick
Vocals and guitars by Srijit Bhowmick
Bass by Kamran Raza
Drums by Aryaman Chatterji
Backing vocals by Githin S George, Srijit Bhowmick
Electric guitars by Budhaditya Deb, Saurabh Lodha, Srijit Bhowmick

Studio assistance by Nikita Borges (Studio Manager), Dev Verma, Yash Bagal, Ashwin Naidu
Recording assistance by Saurabh Lodha
Arranged by Srijit Bhowmick
except for
Backing vocals arranged by Nitin M Krishna, Githin George, Srijit Bhowmick
Electric guitars arranged by Budhaditya Deb, Saurabh Lodha, Srijit Bhowmick

Cover Photo by Nikita Borges
Cover Typography and Colour Cloning by Abhishek Dey

about the band
After an uber successful solo crowdfunded release of ‘The Only Find’ EP in Jan '19 followed by a mammoth 15-city countrywide solo tour - things unheard of and undone by an Indian indie artist, Mumbai singer-songwriter Srijit Bhowmick aka Sri wrapped up 2019 with another st...

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