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The work on Tuden's debut EP started off on November 2012.


There were a few hiccups along the way, where he changed recording studios twice which even though caused a hindrance for his EP release. It turned out to be fruitful along the way .

All the songs were written and composed by Tuden between 2008 -2010. The EP as a whole contains 4 songs namely- "About a Hat" which is the lead single of the EP. Followed by "Porcupine", "Take it all away " and "Match Made in Hell".

about the band

Tuden is a singer/songwriter from Nagaland.

His whole journey started when Tuden was in Grade IX and awe inspired by the movie ‘That Thing You Do’ formed a band with a group of like minded musicians, they lined up a band together and performed in school and e...

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